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Technology dynamics – Uber Pretoria and Pretoria shuttle services

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Notable changes have occurred ever since Uber Technologies Inc and Taxify came to South Africa. Life has drastically changed for taxi services in Pretoria with the emergence of Uber Pretoria. Subsequently the landscape has shifted the way shuttle business operates in South Africa

Uber and Taxify are both Transportation Network Companies which operate peer to peer ride sharing services. These services link riders to vehicles within their range. Uber in Pretoria is one of the most common among Pretoria shuttles based on taxi hail Apps.

Traditionally, Pretoria Shuttle Services or Johannesburg Shuttle Services were primarily based on online and phone call requests. These shuttle companies have their advantages

Comparison : Pretoria Uber & other Pretoria shuttle services

A more closer relationship between client and the company is present. This therefore implies that customer care is higher in shuttle service companies

Uber for instance, do not run shuttles but rather provide software to individuals and companies to assist their taxi services. Some criminals have then taken advantage of the fact that drivers are not under direct supervision of service providers. Such criminals have committed crimes posing as genuine Uber memebrs. Therefore in comparison, Uber in Pretoria may be viewed as more risky in light of these facts

Hailing App users such as Uber Pretoria service does have room for clients to select a particular driver

Shuttle service companies on the other hand tend to have more controls on operations and do have plenty of room to for clients to choose among other things, specific drivers and specific cars.

Most hailing Apps are cheaper especially on very short distance trips say less than 5km. But prices are very comparable on longer routes and common destinations such as pretoria to lanseria airport or to or tambo airport. Most shuttle services in Pretoria have adjusted prices and are able to offer cheaper shuttle services.

Uber Pretoria has the advantage of real time booking, clients do not need prior booking and time to hail is usually faster especially if vehicles are within range

Users of hailing Apps are often available through out the day, hence the service is a 24/7 service

In spite of all the technological tools and Apps in use today, shuttle service companies are still popular and in many instances, Uber Pretoria services can be found wanting and less preferred option in certain circumstances.

Regional limits for Uber Pretoria and hailing Apps

Hailing App users are limited to province and may not hail outside their set province

Riders currently can request for outbound trips anywhere, such as an Uber from Pretoria to Rustenburg or Johannesburg to Vereeniging. However riders cannot do an inbound request for example Uber from Sun City to Pretoria since there is no Uber base in Sun city.

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