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Shuttle Services Hatfield Pretoria : what it could look like with artificial intelligence 

Imagine airport transfers and shuttle services Hatfield Pretoria in a self-driving car. Would that be a thrilling experience. Well, maybe if this were to happen in Pretoria, that would be 20 years from now because of current capacity. Non the less lets look at the facts

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Drivers in shuttle services Pretoria industry

What would such a development mean to Uber and Taxify drivers? To all the shuttle services Hatfield Pretoria drivers this implies massive job loses. Thankfully for local drivers, the infrastructure requirements for such an operation are way beyond mzansi at the moment. Therefore Uber and Taxify drivers can relax, for now. This is in spite of the fact that technology always finds its way in

If developers of autonomous cars want them to win the market quickly.They need them to be ready to operate with the same infrastructure we have now. Large-scale infrastructure updates are very expensive.So no city government would be ready to do them before they’re 100% sure it will return in significant benefits for the city. Also, self-driving cars will be sharing roads with human drivers for decades, if not centuries. So, infrastructure should be ready to support both kinds of cars:  Credit

In USA, Uber tested some self-driving vehicles in a few States to check the feasibility of the project.

shuttle services hatfield pretoria self driving cars

Uber self driving car in the USA- AP

This project was extended to a number of States and some shuttles were made and recorded. Then a fatality occurred and tests were suspended

Video : Uber vehicle tests – AP

Shuttle services Hatfield Pretoria have better stats

Here are some notable statistics in sequence regarding the various Uber self driving cars tests performed in the USA

  • Uber started testing 16 automated cars in its hometown of San Francisco in December 2016
  • In March 2018, an Uber self-driving car in Arizona hit a pedestrian who was walking outside of a crosswalk.
  • Uber announced on May 22 that it’s permanently ending tests in Arizona. This decision affected 300 test drivers in the area and tests were suspended

A further look at some of the challenges associated with self-driving cars in a flash

  • First : Fueling – opening fuel cap and paying up the fee
  • Second: Fixing flat tyres – how would a self-driving car do that?
  • Third :Reading traffic lights which have been designed for humans
  • Finally : Reading temporary signs and markings

More questions

Would such a project be beneficial for shuttle services Hatfield Pretoria even though capacity is low? Is it welcome? If it was to get launched how would the general populace react?

Although Charlie Romeo Shuttle Services believes in technology , we promote safety and add to the creation of employment.

You can always count on us for safety and good service, regardless of your opinion on matters of artificial intelligence