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We formed our company in August 2017 and immediately formalized its shuttle services in Pretoria at the same time, under the name Charlie Romeo Shuttle Services. We began shuttle service in Pretoria with only two sedan vehicles but has now grown to five standard sedan vehicles. Initially, Charlie Romeo Shuttle Services initially targeted to provide service to individuals at an economic level but growth and demand is taking us to new dimensions. Today, we are planning to expand and include corporate and executive clients, therefore our fleet size is set to increase. While it is true that older players in the industry are better equipped and also the impression that hailing Apps have shaken the industry, we are have non the less  managed to grow and yet continue to expect a further increase in business because we believe that customer care is the number one target to achieve.

Our aim is to balance two apparently opposing attributes of shuttle business, on one hand to maintain quality standards relating to comfort ,safety and customer care, on the other hand we strive to provide cheaper services in the taxi shuttle industry.

Fleet size for our shuttle service

We currently have standard sedan vehicles, economic and relatively new. Our plan is to expand and include executive vehicles such as Mercedes e class or similar, a bus especially the famous Hyundai H1 or such other bus similar to the Hyundai H1 category since the demand for our services is growing. Standard safety and comfort requirements are present in all our vehicles for shuttle services in Pretoria

Compliance check list

Vehicle insurance

Passenger liability insurance


Public liability insurance

Road permits

Vehicle tracking systems

Vehicles: 2 Honda Brio Sedans, 1 Honda Ballade, 1 Hyundai Elantra, 1 Chevrolet Sonic

In spite of a small work force and although we are relatively new in the industry, we maintain professionalism through compliance to the requirements and good customer care expected in shuttle services.Our team of five qualified professional chauffeurs possess the necessary qualifications and documents including a valid driver’s license and public driver’s permit . Drivers have the following

Clean bill of health

Clean criminal record

Un-endorsed driver’s license

Our clientele base is mainly in Gauteng and we have presence on Facebook.

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