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Although Lanseria and OR Tambo airports are the most common, many other airport shuttles can be facilitated in Pretoria.

Domestic and International airports serviced from Pretoria

Listed by radius from Pretoria Central for airport shuttle Pretoria

First: Woonderboom airport – approximately 15 km north of Pretoria. Built as a civilian airstrip for light aircraft, but briefly used for military training purposes during the Second World War. However it now mainly used for light aircraft facility. Airport shuttles to/from Pretoria easily accessible

airport shuttle Pretoria Wonderboom airport

Second,Grand Central Airport– In spite of its small size and private ownership,the airfield is open to public air traffic. Even the location is quite central in a Gauteng region sense. It is located in Midrand, halfway between Johannesburg and Pretoria. Easy airport transfers Pretoria

airport shuttle Pretoria Grand Central Airport

International Airports

Third: Lanseria International Airport-Its a relatively smaller airport. Hence Its an easy navigation. No hustles to find the relevant tellers and the departing gates. However, there are only two restaurants and no shops. Parking and drop off/pick up areas are also easy. A simple local airport with multiple flights to Cape Town. The airport is clean and well-maintained. But the downside is the narrow pick-up/drop-off area, which can jam at pick hours. Easily depart or arrive at Lanseria airport and access airport shuttle Pretoria

Fourth: O.R. Tambo International Airport –  Quality shopping facilities of International standards and great food offerings. Even better a wide price range of products. Furthermore, an improved immigration service is available. More often travelers are able to easily navigate the premise in good time.Bad experiences are rare. As you wait in transit, the fast wifi facility is available. Airport transfers and shuttles are easily available

More local airports for airport shuttle Pretoria scope

Fifth: Rand Airport – Situated in Germiston. First it was established as the main airport for Johannesburg.But did not develop with time and was later overtaken and replaced as the main airport. As you wait, you can enjoy good food at Harvard cafe.Another aspect of the airport is the enjoyable site of flying aircraft. Next,there are flying schools there as well as a hotel onsite.

Sixth, Springs Airport

And finally Seventh, Krugersdorp Airport. To be covered in more detail on next article