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What is a shuttle service?

This article describes basic aspects of a shuttle service

In particular, it covers special mobility services that use different kinds of vehicles

A vehicle such a as limousine, luxury or standard car may be used in a shuttle services industry

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Definition of a shuttle service

A shuttle service is a method of transporting people from one point to another. Usually, shuttle services have specific drop-off and pick-up points. They normally operate back and forth common routes. However, the term is also used more generally for short distance transport that may be one-way. In addition there a shuttles which have multiple stops. Particular example, shared rides to common destinations.

A shuttle vehicle run between the two points at regular intervals. Due to these services, a lot of people have benefited by saving time. Especially time taken to walk before and after an event. Particularly for Pretoria and Jorbug towns, public safety is enhanced. This is achieved by reducing the number of pedestrians in parking lots after a big game or event.

Need for shuttle service

A Shuttle service is most needed where there are large groups of people heading to the same place. This is particularly true in light of congested parking areas. Shuttles are common at sporting events and concerts. Furthermore, shuttles are also common for airport transportation.

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People may also request shuttle to large shopping malls, amusement or theme parks, zoos, and hospitals. A shuttle service may provide day long service, or wait up while clients shop then take them back. They can even take clients from one sport to another throughout the day.

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Although small buses are common, the list of possible vehicles is not limited. At train stations such as Hatfield train station, a shuttle service can take clients from and to the train station. Also at amusement parks and other outdoor attractions, shuttles are available. Hotels and lodges also make use of a shuttle service

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